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Daria Layout

I have just recently joined a fair few Daria communities, and you are one of them!

I have a simple daria userinfo (you can have a look if you like) and l was wondering if anyone has a daria layout that they would let me use or if they would make one for me.

Thanks a lot everyone!

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I'd like the following picture as my userlookup background, which l would like to stay fixed. It will have to be shrunk a bit though, because l may not be able to see her name at the bottom.
I'd like boxes on the left hand side of the screen to scroll. I don't want these boxes touching the picture of her at all. Heres what l'd like the boxes to look like except l'd really love it if you could get the day (like Monday, Tuesday, Thursday) to have the same or similar font as the word "daria" on the bottom right.

If anyone at all would be able to make one for me l would be so grateful! Thank you so much!

If you need to know any extra info, please comment and let me know :)

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